Galaxy LED Wireless Curing Light - $149.00

Galaxy LED Cordless Curing Light- 1 Year Warranty

Brand New Power LED Cordless Curing Light. This Curing Light is a high-performance light source

for intraoral polymerization of ALL Brands/Kinds of Composites/Materials.

The light source is an ultra high intensity blue light emitting diode (LED)

The Galaxy Wireless LED dental curing light w/ stand and adater charger. Our brand new model has two times as much energy as a halogen light and the same output of intensity.The bandwidth of the LED is narrower than that of a halogen lamp so the light will be made benificial to campphoric acid,which usually acts as a light evocating agent of most light curing material.This curing light is a new type diode and solidification LED light which has outstanding functions.Curing with rapid light,the curing speed is two times as fast as the traditional curing light.Designed with low emitting heat.The luminosity is used with the original production of the LED semiconductor.There are no lights or fans.You can move it conveniently because it is wireless / comes with a 110v cord adapter charger, stand and shield.

Our Dental Curing Light is a new type of diode curing light with superior functions. It takes advantage of the latest LED technology which enables increased light intensity. This means significantly shorter curing times for the majority of the dental materials. The SMART circuit operation guarantees super-long battery capacity at full power output.Distributed by Usa Dental Corp

This high power LED Curing light has humanity intelligent chip, with a high intensity LED light and Li-on rechargeable battery. This device can cure all the dental resin known in the market nowadays; With a performance level far superior than the halogen curing light's,it has 2 different working modes and it can solidify 4-5mm deepness in a few seconds. 


- Very convenient to operate. 
- Small size, cordless and light weighted. 
- No dazzling strong light which allows you to aim the light to the exact position and Improve the effectiveness of the treatment. 
- No Vibration and noiseless operation. 
- High power reachable battery. 
- High powerful Light intensity- 2 different working modes;every 5 seconds you hear a beep 
- You can select the correct mode according to the different types of material you wish to cure, their speed of reaction, and the clinical protocol you are following. 


- Silent and hygienic, no fan. 
- Round surfaces allow for easy and comfortable manipulation. 
- Compact, lightweight and well-balanced. 
- Base-charger can be turned in all directions and low battery warning. 
- Can be used anywhere in the world. The voltage input is 110V 

Best Quality Material: 

- Mono-fibered glass light guides for various applications. 
- Anodized aluminum body. 
- Latest generation of CMS electronics
- Very high-quality single L.E.D.
- Li-lon battery with no memory effect
  One Year warranty


Blue light intensity
Rechargeable Li-ion battery  
Power adapter: AC 110 

Package Includes:

LED Curing light device  
High capacity rechargeable battery
110v Charger
Charger socket 
Full detailed manual/instructions

One Year Warranty/ Satisfaction Guaranty- 7 Day return policy -Shipping $6.00- To order by phone call 1-800-508-4050





Galaxy LED Wireless Curing Light -  $149.00
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