MD-10 Implant Motor System WITH HANDPIECE!!-$3495.00

MD-10 Brushless Surgical Implant Motor System THIS COMES WITH HANDPIECE ALSO!!!! The MD-10 Implant Micro Motor is For Implantology, Reconstructive surgery and Maxillofacial surgery Drilling, Tapping, And Placement With One 32:1 Handpiece 500 to 40,000 RPM: Torque 10-55Ncm Easily Programmable Speed And Torque Keyboard Interface 10 Pre-Selectable Torque Levels: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55Ncm Built-In Torque Controller And Safety Overload Protection Memory Backup Retains Program Changes Even After System Is Switched Off Autoclavable Motor And Cord Built-In Pump For Internal And External Irrigation Speed control preprogrammable, Foot pedal controls the selected speed , forward/ reverse and use of the pump. With 32:1 Contra Angle Handpiece and Motor SHIPPING $35.00 TO ORDER BY PHONE 1-800-508-4050

MD-10 Implant Motor System WITH HANDPIECE!!-$3495.00
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