Scalex 890 Piezo-w/Water Supply-Self Contained - $895.00

Scalex 890 Self-Contained Dental Piezo Scaler or the Scalex 850 by DENTAMERICA. Scalex 890 offers self-contained solution tank for total portability, adding therapeutic medicaments The Scalex 890 Self-Contained Dental Piezo Scaler has all the cleaning power you need with performance guaranteed for one full year. Self-contained solution tank allows for convenient portability and the addition of medicated solutions to scaler therapy. State of the art Dental Piezo Electric Self- tuning And load adjusting technology for smooth and effertless operation. Innovative water cooled circuitry designed for greatter stability during operation. Specs: Frequency: 27,000 to 32,000 KHz Dimensions: D260 xW140 H210 mm Volume: 1,000ml Weight: 3.3kg Input: 115/60Hz or 230/50Hz Output: AC 24- 3A One year manufacturer warranty. SHIPPING 40.00 TO ORDER BY PHONE 1-800-508-4050

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