SCALEX 880 Dental Piezo Scaler (DENTAMERICA)-$549.00

SCALEX 880 DENTAL PIEZO SCALER (DENTAMERICA) The Scalex 880 Dental Piezo Scaler has State of the art piezoelectric technology is self-tuning and load adjusting for maximum smooth operation*Streamlined compact size and slim lightweight dental handpiece.*Innovative water-cooled circuitry designed for greater stability during operation*Extremely gentle on the patient* The Scalex 880 dental Piezo Scaler has Available a wide variety of high quality tips to correspond with specific clinical applications*Three universal tips included. 1 year warranty Shipping $25.00 To order by phone- 1-800-508-4050

SCALEX 880 Dental Piezo Scaler (DENTAMERICA)-$549.00
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Price $549.00