Genoray E2V Digital Dental Sensor Size #1 - $3495.00

GENORAY E2V Portview Digital Dental Intra Oral Sensor Size #1 X-Ray System FDA Approved
Brand New from the manufacturer
Lowest Price On The Market  "If you see it for less we will beat it!
IMAGE QUALITY Industry Leading Contrast Resolution - Best at the Penny Test Industry Leading Spartial Resolution - 19 micron pixel size Less Graininess Cleanest image on the market COMFORT Rounded Corners - 6mm radius of corner curvature 
Product features:
  • Rounded corners for comfort. Ergonomic vertical bitewings for a robust and comfortable design
  • High-resolution, automatic electronic gain control that is compatible with your X-ray
  • Direct USB connection
  • Sealed cord
  • Includes software
Product Specifications:
Radiographic Field: 19.95mm x 30.02mm 
Physical Size: 24.35mm x 36.73mm 
Sensor Plate Thickness: 5.4mm Pixel 
Size: 19 microns 
Resolution: 26.3 line pair/mm theoretical
Dynamic Range: 12-bit (0 to 4095) 
Interface: USB 2.0, from sensor plate to computer 
Core Length: 3 meters (approximately 10 feet) 
Durability and  Thinner Cord - Direct USB from sensor plate to computer
Protected Against Fluids/Contaminants - Sealer cord/sensor junction Safer Vertical Bitewings
Robust, bonded sttrain relief ERGONOMICS Broad Range Of Acceptable Exposure
Superior electronic gain control Easy Cabling - USB cord can be extended dozens of feet 
Shipping  $45.00
Please call with questions or to order  1-800-508-4050
Genoray E2V Digital Dental Sensor Size #1 - $3495.00
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