Bi-Image-X Evolution X-Ray Mobile On Wheels Unit - $2849

Bi-Image-X Evolution Dental X-Ray Mobile Unit

The Bi-Image X Evolution Dental X-Ray mobile Unit delivers safe, powerful performance in a self-standing unit with the added versatility and freedom of medical grade caster wheels to be moved around. A single unit can satisfy the radiographic needs of multiple consultation rooms while helping reduce redundancy and clutter in the office. Sturdy, spring-tensioned arms ensures clear radiograph results the first time. The Evolution is made with discerning dentists in mind prioritizing quality, efficiency, and safety above all.

  • Easily accessible controls on head unit
  • Secure aluminum arm construction with easy to adjust spring tension
  • Medical grade caster wheels
  • Quick change option between 60 kVp and 70 kVp operating modes
  • Compatible with both digital sensors and conventional film
  • Includes 18 preprogramed modes for quick setup -Includes wired and wireless remotes
  • Includes optional dead man switch
  • 7.87 inch beam limiter
  • Digital timer for manual exposure time selection
  • 63 inch arm reach 
  • Two Year Warranty

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Bi-Image-X Evolution X-Ray Mobile On Wheels Unit - $2849
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