Plasma Arc Bleaching and Dental Curing Light-$2075.00

Dentamerica 685W Plasma Arc Dental Curing Light and tooth whitening bleaching system in ONE unit! This Dentamerica Plasma Arc dental curing light is also a tooth whitening bleaching unit when used with the included Tooth Whitening Arch and Bleaching Stand. The Tooth Whitening Setting activates the automatic bleaching cycle used for extended tooth whitening sessions. The bleaching times and cycles for the tooth whitening sessions are preprogrammed. An LED display lets the user know how long the tooth whitening session has been in progress and how much time is remaining. The Tooth whitening Bleaching Stand is both portable and adjustable for convenient and effortless use. Also included with the tooth whitening unit are eye protection glasses and disposable light shields. can use it as a fast plasma Arc dental curing light for resins! This system is similar to the Rembrandt system for thousands less! SHIPPING $49.95 TO ORDER BY PHONE CALL 1-800-508-4050
Plasma Arc Bleaching and Dental Curing Light-$2075.00
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