Lightest Swivel Prophy Hygiene Handpiece-USA MADE - $269.00

Lightest Swivel Prophy Hygiene Handpiece! Only 2.3oz! Prophyhygiene

Made in the USA!!
One Year Warranty
Two week Return Policy
Only 2.3oz! (60g)

Prophy Handpiece with Friction grip chucking, just push in or pull out the prophy head. 
Smooth, vibration-free operation up to 5,000 RPM 
Ergonomic design provides perfect balance 
360° swivel for superb maneuverability 
Compatible with all standard disposable Prophy Angles, Plastic or Metal
Compare Brands Weight (oz) Length (in)    
Prophyhygiene™    2.3              3.9    
NSK Hygiene Pro    2.5              4.0    
Kavo PROPHYwiz  2.7              4.3    
Midwest RDH          3.0              4.4  

Priced at $269.00
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Lightest Swivel Prophy Hygiene Handpiece-USA MADE - $269.00
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Price $269.00