XZeal Z70 Dental Intraoral X-ray Unit -$2339.00

X-Zeal Z70 Intraoral Wall Mount X-ray

Two Year Warranty

FDA Approved 


The Z70 offers phenomenal radiographic performance with images containing excellent contrast

and hi definition and is compatible with film, PSP plate systems, and Dental Sensors. Built with light,

strong, and resilient materials, the Z70 mobile unit offers an arm with a very tight and accurate counter

balance which not only prevents drifting, but also allows for soft movements and precision that provides

 easy positioning to take radiographies. The Z70 has an electronic controller with a microprocessor that

 has pre-programmed keys allowing for a simple and smooth operation of the equipment. The Z70 provides

 clear radiographs with reduced exposure times, and provides the highest degree of safety for both operator

 and patient, complying with international quality and radiological safety standards.

Built with durable materials, the Z70 possesses incisor arms with soft movement,

providing accurate and easy positioning to take intra-oral radiographs.

The electronic controller with microprocessor has pre-programmed keys that facilitate

 the daily operation of the equipment. The exposure timing is strictly controlled to obtain

 a better result of the operation.With capacity of 70 kVp and 7 mA, the X-Ray head has

 lead covering. It offers radiographic performance with images of excellent contrast and

 high definition.Made with tubular steel and a strong aluminum structure, the Z70 allows

 for smooth and accurate movement with great mobility. The Z70 can be mounted on the

 wall with 16" double studs or a single 4"x4" stud.

Built with resistant materials, Z70 possesses incisors arms with soft movement’s, accurate

and that provide easy positioning to take radiographs.The electronic controller with

microprocessor, it has pre-programmed keys that facilitate the daily operation of the equipment.

The times of exhibition has a strict control for obtaining of a better result of the operation.

With capacity of 70 kVp and 7 MA, the X-Ray head has lead covering. It offers radiographic

 performance with images of excellent contrast and hi definition.


Power Input: 120V or 230V

Nominal Current: 9A - 4.5A

Mains Frequency: 50/60Hz

Maximum Power: 900 watts

Tube Voltage: 70kVp

Tube Current: 7mA

Exposure Time: 0.06 - 2.50 s

Working Cycle: 1s / 30s

Focus SSD: 200mm

Radiation Field: 60mm

Leak Radiation: <7 mR/h @ 1m

Two Year Warranty

FDA Approved

Made in the USA

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XZeal Z70 Dental Intraoral X-ray Unit -$2339.00
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