Bonart M1 Mag.Dental Ultrasonic Scaler- 25k -$325.00

The Bonart magnet dental scaler offers a powerful easy to use dental scaling peformance that outlasts its competitors. Aside for its excellent quality, it offers a very economical price. Specifications are as follows: Operation Frequency : 25k DENTAL SCALERS ARE AVAILABLE IN BOTH 110V OR 220V Power-From 10 to 30 Watts of output power during normal scaling speed. Turbo Function : Increase power when use during dental scaling on one touch of the button C25W to 35W output power. Water Supply : 25-60 PSIG (172-414 Kpa) Optional accessories: 25khz inserts Contains: Dental Handpiece Cable, Foot Switch, Power Cord, Hose, Quick Connector Full One Year Warranty SHIPPING $15.00 TO ORDER BY PHONE CALL 1-800-508-4050

Bonart M1 Mag.Dental Ultrasonic Scaler- 25k -$325.00
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