Panoramic Film-RXB-Blue - Cephalometric Film 8x10 - $99.00

Panoramic Dental Film -RXB-Blue-Cephalometric Film 8x10

Stop over spending on your film! Same quality and contrast as Kodak brand at over 1/2 the price, guaranteed! The same amount of Panoramic film would cost you over $ 130.00 from any other dental dealer. Keep in mind these are boxes of 100!
Feel free to buy as many boxes as you like. If you buy this product and are unsatisfied in any way with the quality of the film, return it for a FULL REFUND!
All sizes available. Use list below to decide type needed in your panoramic X-Ray machine. 


RXB-Blue-Cephalometric Film 8x10

Panoramic Film-RXB-Blue - Cephalometric Film 8x10 - $99.00
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Price $99.00